Let’s face it – trade shows are known for the amount of unnecessary waste that they create. Right from the many food samples to those huge number of promotional items – it is a real mess that is not doing any good for the environment. Going green is definitely something that you should go for when it comes to having a better, more sustainable trade show experience. (Related: Green trade show marketing strategies)

Being an exhibitor, when you focus on the green factor you not only minimize the environmental impact but it also helps in conveying a strong, positive image to your customers/prospects. It could even save you a considerable amount of money. But having a greener trade show experience is not just limited to using green promotional gifts – it actually goes beyond that. The following tips should help you in “greening” your trade show experience without really compromising on the important factors…

#1: Enquire About Green Opportunities

Always talk to your trade show coordinator as to how they can help you make your booth more green and sustainable. It’s crucial that you let them know the type of expectations you have when it comes to making your trade show greener. Expectations such as recycling of corrugated boxes and disposing any type of waste.

Find out if they’re cleaning/reusing carpeting or not. Also, try things on your own too such as getting green custom trade show displays instead of the regular ones. Remember, being an exhibitor you should make sure you reach out to show contractors/coordinators with your request so that you’re able to get more greener options.

#2: Separate Trash and Recycling

Most of the trade show facilities out there have dedicated places for exhibitors where they can recycle. Make sure you investigate the “disposal options” available prior to show. And have two clearly marked/labeled receptacles for the sorting out of disposable items in your booth.

Talk to floor manager and ask him where the nearest recycling or composting location is located so that you can easily dispose off your reclaimable waste once the day comes to an end. You can also do simple things such as keeping a paper bag under your table for the bits of trash that ends up in your booth.

#3: Limit the Use of Printed Materials

When you reduce paper waste, you automatically start contributing the green industry. It’s one of the simplest ways to make the most of your trade show experience while working on the eco-friendliness factor. So how do you really go about doing this? What can you do to minimize the use of paper?

First off, what you can do is, instead of handing out pamphlets/press materials to the attendees (who are by the way already collecting lots of such papers), why not consider a more sustainable means? Why not go for reusable flash drives and QR codes? Not only this, some trade shows also give you the option of renting a scanner for exchanging information with attendees and other exhibitors. This all may seem simple but it can definitely make a big difference in the long run.

Regardless of what type of industry you are, what kind of products you sell and what your aim is with the trade show – having a greener trade show experience is not difficult if you take the right steps.

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