Sustainable Franchise Opportunities

Some people don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

For aspiring green business owners who’d rather buy into a proven business model than start their own from scratch, these green franchises may be just the trick. There are a lot of options besides a franchise, of course, but sometimes, people want to reduce their guesswork and just get cracking.


Pono Home: green home energy / water efficiency service franchise
Pono Home is a green home consulting service that focuses on making peoples’ homes more…pono! Pono is a Hawaiian word that means, essentially, being right with the world. Become a Pono Home franchisee and start working to drive down peoples’ utility bills (and environmental footprints) right away! In addition, you can help people eliminate GMOs from their kitchens and carcinogenic ingredients from their personal care products with Pono Home’s training and support. Pono Home won the Energy Excelerator seed funding award and will be joining the Hawaii-based clean tech incubator for its 2014 cohort.

Read more about the opportunity here.


Eco-friendly lawn care franchise: Clean Air Lawn Care
Clean Air Lawn care offers clean and quiet lawn maintenance and uses organic lawn treatment for beautiful lawns that are safe for children, pets, and local waterways. A national franchise, Clean Air Lawn Care is the leader in sustainable lawn care, committed to bring positive change to the lawn care industry.

Read more about the opportunity here.


Got a green franchise that you think should be listed here? Contact us to let us know! Thanks for helping promote the green economy!