It might be a little on the simplistic side, but this short video boils down the rhetoric, screeching, special interest misinformation campaigns, and astroturf pseudo-movements regarding health care reform into an entertaining and clear message.

The special interest groups want desperately to cloud this issue with Hitler references, made-up statistics, and screaming ill-informed screaming matches, but the central tenets of health care reform stand to benefit the very same people who are being manipulated into opposing any changes to our current broken system.

This is worth a look…

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Scott Cooney (twitter: scottcooney) is an adjunct professor of Sustainability in the MBA program at the University of Hawai'i, green business startup coach, author of Build a Green Small Business: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur (McGraw-Hill), and developer of the sustainability board game GBO Hawai'i. Scott has started, grown and sold two mission-driven businesses, failed miserably at a third, and is currently in his fourth. Scott's current company has three divisions: a sustainability blog network that includes the world's biggest clean energy website and reached over 5 million readers in December 2013 alone; Pono Home, a turnkey and franchiseable green home consulting service that won entrance into the clean tech incubator known as Energy Excelerator; and Cost of Solar, a solar lead generation service to connect interested homeowners and solar contractors. In his spare time, Scott surfs, plays ultimate frisbee and enjoys a good, long bike ride. Find Scott on

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