Mitt Romney has already ceded the 11 electoral college votes that Massachusetts has to offer to President Obama, despite Massachusetts being Romney’s home state. Romney trails Obama in Romney’s home state by over 20 points in recent polls, indicating just how far from his roots he has come in order to curry favor with the ultra-right wing element of his party.

Romney’s appeal has always been his moderate status in a party that is more governed these days by extremists. In order to win the party’s nomination, many feel that Romney had to abandon his roots as a moderate, and flip-flop his way to extremism. David Frum in a recent article on CNN, showcased just how far the GOP has gone, and that even the Conservative Think Tank the American Enterprise Institute believes that our government is failing only because of the GOP.

In order to win the primary season away from Rick Santorum, Romney had to veer far to the right. Its effect is now being measured in polls like the ones in Massachusetts.

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