Do you want a quantifiable way to increase productivity in your workplace? I could sit here and tell you a bunch of philosophical “Law of Attraction” nonsense, but we won’t go there. Let’s just say that happy workplace and a nurturing environment will always increase the productivity in your business. Enough said about that, let’s move on now.

You need a foolproof way to increase productivity in the workplace. Things are rapidly changing and everything is on the go. The typical office that works 9-5 is a thing of the past. Not all businesses fit into this box, and they shouldn’t have to either. Unrealistic expectations only lead to an unstable business. You may have a sales force or a staff that several different shifts. Maybe you have a staff that telecommutes, so that you can save on unnecessary rent and utilities… It really is the wave of the future.  But you need a way to tie this all together. In this article, we will talk about three ways that will cut your time in half.

Project Management System

Most businesses work with a project management system if they have any inter-office communication or documents. It’s the best way to get real time accountability for anything that goes on with a particular project or client. Typically, you are able to allow as many people as you need access to certain tickets, but you hold all of the levels of accessibility and privacy. This is a great way to track conversations, time spent on projects, online chats, milestones, writeboards,times that files were uploaded and emails. With a project management system everyone can easily be on the same page. No time wasted with with unnecessary phone calls, emails, and questions. It’s all there in the system.

Customer Service Ticket Center

If you have several customers, you need one place to track all of your interactions so that anyone may pick up where the last guy left off in a conversation or project with a customer. You can allow customers to come in and ask questions by creating a ticket or send them to pages in a knowledgebase that you created for FAQs.

Mobile Applications to Tie It All Together

Great project management software and customer service applications are two things that are staples in any business these days. But if you have a salesforce or company that requires a lot of time “in the field”, you may want to try an application that will tie all of this together.

Some CRM for mobile applications are able to do exactly that. CRM (customer-relationship management) requires a way to access on-the-go notes about clients and progress. Plus, while you are in the middle of a meeting or talking to a client, you don’t have to open a laptop or call back to the office to find information. All you have to do is access your smartphone and look up the client’s records.

These three ideas–project management systems, customer service ticket centers, and mobile applications–will not solve all your business woes. But they are actionable steps into a sustainable  model that could increase your productivity save energy, and streamline your overall workflow.

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Samantha Peters

This post is by Samantha Peters, who enjoys writing about Eco-friendly businesses and sustainable business models that take into account the triple bottom line, Planet, People, and Profits. You can follow Sam on Twitter @Sam_Peters1001.

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