Every business is constantly searching for ways to increase sales and reduce expenses. One of the best ways to reduce expenses is to think eco-friendly and green. By thinking eco like this, you are saving both products and energy while cutting expenses. In addition to the following suggestions, you should see contract Logix.com for more eco-friendly ideas:

Reduce Paper Usage

  • There are many business communications that require paper. Letters, Invoices, contracts and countless other documents. Many of these forms cannot be eliminated, but giving the reduction a little thought can reduce their usage.
  • Use emails for communication. Unless a printed copy is necessary, all communications may be done by email. Since computers are located in all areas of the building complex, you can transmit messages to everyone in the building via email. Only essential messages should be printed.
  • If printed messages do not contain sensitive material, you should save the printed copy and use the back side for another message.
  • You should use incoming documents that do not contain sensitive material to print office memos. If incoming document are too ruffled for the printer, you should distribute them to the various departments to use as scratch pads.
  • Print on both sides of the paper when possible.
  • When discarding outdated documents, you should look for pages that can be used in the office. If the documents contain sensitive material, you might consider blacking out the sensitive information.
  • Use the printer draft mode when printing internal documents.
  • Use recycled paper when possible.

Equipment Usage

Turn off all computers when not in use. Since there is some disagreement about the harm done to computers by turning them on and off, you should check with your IT to determine the best policy. However, peripheral equipment should be turned off when not in use.

Check the office layout to find ways to share peripheral equipment. Replace older equipment with energy efficient models.

Other Eco Friendly Strategies

  • Have a professional perform an energy audit on your building.
  • Appoint specific employees to check restrooms for taps leaking or left running
  • Use a toilet dam to reduce the water usage.
  • Buy from local vendors when possible. Buying locally uses less energy for delivery and keeps money in the local economy.
  • Buy from vendors who accept the return of their packaging. This assures the reuse of containers and relieves you of the problem of disposing of empty cartons.
  • Use energy efficient lighting.
  • Use sensors to turn lights on and off depending on room occupancy.
  • Use task lights rather than overhead lighting.
  • Encourage employees to carpool. Arranging transportation for employees in the company van would save energy. Many employees would appreciate the ride for a minimum charge.

There are many more eco-friendly ways to reduce expenses. Although many have been put into practice, your observation and imagination is limitless in creating more.



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