There are several key pros and cons of working in a burgeoning young field such as green business. On the positive side, one of the greatest pros is that the industry is full of opportunity, possibility, and innovation. It’s an exciting place to be. On the negative side, however, green business is not yet mature enough to have hundreds of dedicated websites, blogs, news outlets, and consulting agencies. As such, the green business entrepreneur is often left to fend on his own.

Fortunately, there are numerous experts out there who can provide green business advice – and many of them regularly do, courtesy of Twitter. Here are ten of the best industry Twitter feeds to follow:

@makower (Joel Makower)

The founder of, a bestselling author, public speaker and entrepreneur, Joel is one of’s favorite people in addition to being an excellent resource for information. He is humble despite ample success, a straightshooter, and a breath of fresh air…on a daily basis.

@zshahan3 (Zachary Shahan)

The director of two dynamite green sites, Planetsave and Cleantechnica, and publishing services manager at Important Media, Zach regularly contributes content that not only promotes goods and services that are environmentally friendly but personally fulfilling as well. Zach quotes Inayat Khan on his own website, “To try to find out in what way happiness can be brought about, and in this way to realize that peace which is the longing of every soul…”

@brightgreen (Tom Savage)

The founder of Bright Green Talent, Tom Savage tweets about green businesses and green jobs. While many of his tweets may also focus on the tangential subjects of green news and living, Savage repeatedly provides followers with insight regarding technology, resources, and managerial skills that green business owners will likely find interesting.

@GreenAdvantage (Andrew Winston)

An environmental strategist, Andrew Winston tweets about green news with a business focus. Winston comes at the topic with a good deal of authority: he writes a green business blog ( and he wrote Green Recovery and Green to Gold, two books that discuss how green strategies can help companies and individuals get ahead. While much of his advice is focused on the latter, there are still numerous insights to be gained from Winston’s tweets.

@GreenSara (Sara Rampersaud)

Sara Rampersaud is a sustainable business consultant, meaning that her tweets act as a focused and helpful resource for any manager who uses sustainable business practices. Her website,, provides further news and advice for those businesses in the green industry.

@greenskeptic (Scott Edward Anderson)

If you’re looking for green commentary from an economics perspective, Scott Edward Anderson’s Twitter is a good feed to follow. Anderson is the founder of VerdeStrategy and The Green Skeptic, the co-founder of Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic, and is a regular green business contributor for major media outlets.

@maryanneconlin (Maryanne Conlin)

A writer at, Maryanne Conlin’s Twitter feed is a great place to get the latest green business news. The feed may not have much along the lines of green advice for managers, but it will certainly keep you apprised of anything interesting taking place in the industry.

@OliviaZaleski (Olivia Zaleski)

Zaleski is a green business advisor and reporter whose work has appeared on CNN and in Fortune Magazine. She has interviewed many of the biggest names in green business and has worked closely with many of these same people, as well. Her twitter will, consequently, provide valuable green business insights from a more macro perspective.

@Earth2017 (Bill Roth)

The founder of Earth 2017, Bill Roth’s tweets focus on the financial benefits of sustainable business – and the ways by which these benefits can be achieved. His tweets discuss green business topics ranging from branding to investing to sustainable design.

@GreenBizOwner (

Shameless plug, but hey, it’s what we do, and we try to provide high quality feeds to great content.


These are just ten of the best Twitter feeds to follow for those interested in green business. Following these accounts will help make you a more informed green expert in no time. What do you think of this list? Are there any green business consultants that you follow that aren’t listed here?

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Samantha Peters

This post is by Samantha Peters, who enjoys writing about Eco-friendly businesses and sustainable business models that take into account the triple bottom line, Planet, People, and Profits. You can follow Sam on Twitter @Sam_Peters1001.

5 Responses to Top Ten Green Business Feeds To Follow On Twitter

  1. Scott Cooney says:

    Great post, Sam! Thanks for the really useful info. I’m now following all ten of these folks.

    • Samantha Peters says:

      I am really happy to have the opportunity to Contribute on Green Business Owner.

      Scott- Thanks for you help in coming up with a great topic to write my first post on.

      Hopefully this will be the first of many successful contributions.

  2. Scott Cooney says:

    Don’t forget two more of our favorites: Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies (!/HippyMarketer), and one of the most informative and active tweeters in the green business community, Lorna Li of Green Marketing TV:!/lornali

  3. Mathias Kagabo says:

    Gill wallace Hope, is the first woman to develop the First global green cooperative brand that unites the resources of 29 stakeholders to empower the poor with green technologies, green communities, micro-enterprises and processes.

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