This simple device is one of those pieces of the green economy that just immediately makes so much sense you wonder why someone didn’t do this decades ago.

For $20, the UZLOW empowers users to control the flow of water from their showerheads, without affecting the temperature of the water, and requiring no more than reaching up with a soapy hand and pushing a lever. The lever is easy to find even if there’s shampoo in your eyes (just follow the water).

In open position, the UZLOW allows the regular amount of water to flow through.  This is useful when you’re covered with soap and need to rinse off. The lever is fully adjustable, so fully open, it’s full flow.  Half closed, and you get about half that much flow.  Fully closed, and, well, it’s a bit of a trickle.  So, when you’re soaping up, shaving, shampooing, or doing anything else that doesn’t necessarily require a fully flowing shower, you can flip the switch and start saving money.  Regardless, the power is in the hands of the person taking the shower, which has traditionally been one of the challenges associated with low flow shower heads.  Some people love them, some don’t.  Housemates have squabbled over them.  People with particularly thick hair don’t tend to like low flow shower heads because they can’t get all the conditioner out of their hair.  (There was a particularly funny Seinfeld episode about when Jerry and Kramer’s apartment building tried to go a little greener.  Kramer’s hair became, well, normal.) The UZLOW gets around this issue nicely, allowing full flow when desired, diminished flow when possible, and full control by the person taking the shower.

|image3|So what’s the big deal?  Sure, the UZLOW can save a couple of gallons per shower.  But will it really amount to anything?  Of course, that depends on the scale at which JB Matsol is able to grow and market the product.  And, of course, how much people actually use it.  Since installing the UZLOW at my house, I can report that everyone in the house loves it.  Savings don’t end at water, of course.  Depending on the fuel used to heat your water, the UZLOW can help significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.  So not only is there no sacrifice,  there’s also immediate savings, and a feeling that you’re having a global impact.

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