As those who run businesses become more aware of their impact on the environment, many are looking for ways to reduce the environmental damage that their businesses cause. While the idea of running a “green” business is still fairly new, certain paradigms have emerged that are changing how business decisions are made. Further, businesses are finding that going green can save a significant amount of money.

To fully implement these green ideas, a business must ensure that every employee takes an active role. Here are a few tips for running a green business:

* Management must set a great example 

Some green practices take effort. Management and other high-level employees must be the vanguard in this practice. By demonstrating their willingness to put forth extra effort, these team members show other staff how to be as green as possible. Consistency is crucial towards helping a new policy stick. Companies can also consider sending managers and other high-level employees to management and leadership courses to reinforce these new ideas.

* Explain to the staff why these changes are being implemented 

The advantages of running a green business are not always obvious to members of a company’s staff. Why, they may wonder, is the business suddenly so concerned about the environment? Explaining how these efforts lead to more efficient and cheaper operations can help them understand the motivations. There may also be additional financial benefits. If the company is looking for tax breaks or other incentives, it can help to relay this information to employees.

* Try to give incentives 

Making a business green can lead to savings every year. With this in mind, company’s can consider rewarding a successful transition to greener operations with a one-time bonus or other incentives. Current staff members are doing the company a favor by setting a new standard of how day-to-day tasks are accomplished, and it is reasonable to compensate them for this effort. Even the promise of a small gesture, such as a party, can help encourage staff members to put forth a greater effort.

The green paradigm was initially regarded by some as merely a fad. However, more businesses are adopting green practices every year, and most experts are predicting that this trend will continue. The savings and more efficient operations are worth the effort, and benefits to the environment help to motivate environmentally-aware managers and staff members. Adopting these practices as soon as possible will give a business a major strategic advantage over those companies that are slow to update their operations.

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This post is by Samantha Peters, who enjoys writing about Eco-friendly businesses and sustainable business models that take into account the triple bottom line, Planet, People, and Profits. You can follow Sam on Twitter @Sam_Peters1001.

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