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With razor sharp focus on the sustainable marketplace these highly interactive classes give you insight into the solutions and best practices being used successfully by veteran eco-entrepreneurs.

Subjects like marketing, PR, social media, market research…all focused on the sustainable marketplace. Come join the webinar with your questions ready, and let’s get you going in the right direction with your business!

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Upcoming webinar: Effective plastic bag reduction strategies
Wednesday, June 6th, 6 PM East Coast, 3 PM Pacific time

How much? Zero. Zip. Nada. Free free free. is happy to help.

Come join us for this webinar that will help customers, shopkeepers, and company managers to create a win-win scenario for reducing plastic bag usage.
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Upcoming webinars

Green Marketing Communications. Getting the crux of your sustainability goals and business purpose across in clear, simple terms can help you obtain new clients and retain others. More info here.

Market Research. How do you know what your customers want? How much they’re willing to pay? How they want to receive information about it? Market research is the answer. More info here.

Raising Capital. Considering Kickstarter? Need a loan from Uncle Jimmy? Or maybe you’re thinking big and want to pitch some angel investors or venture capitalists. Regardless of the method…startups need capital. More info here.

Public Relations on a Shoestring Budget. Strategies for writing a good press release and getting into the right peoples’ hands. More info here.

Strategic Planning for Sanity and Success. Bring your vision to reality by ironing out your step-wise plan, with feedback from our strategy gurus. More info here.

Leadership, effectiveness and personal success factors for mission-driven entrepreneurs. Success habits, skills in leadership, and the nexus of ecological intelligence and emotional intelligence. What more could you ask for? More info here.

Operations Management. Project management and implementation can make the difference between success and failure, no matter how good the idea. Learn the essentials of project management and tips for effective work. More info here.