Impact investing…green MBAs…wind farms…sustainable food…green building…oil industry lobbyists…biotech companies that sue farmers for allegedly stealing their GMO seeds…


The strategy game that brings sustainability to life in a fun, interactive way.“-Sustainable Industries Magazine

Players are impact investors, looking for business opportunities in wind, geothermal, sustainable food, green building development, energy efficiency, alternative transportation, biofuels….the list goes on!

By investing in sustainable businesses across the four main counties of Hawai’i, players help the state offset imports of oil and processed food, all while helping the state reduce waste.

“This game is better than Settlers of Catan. It’s way more fun, interactive, and unpredictable. There are a handful of neat strategies to pursue, and you never know what’s going to happen next.”  -Chay Ronstead, Honolulu, HI

You don’t…unless you have a Kahuna card that is! With the Kahuna card, you can see what policies are coming down the pike from the legislature.

  • Will the solar tax incentives be extended? If so, you should invest in solar now, but if not, it’s a crapshoot!
  • Will Kauai ban plastic bags? If so, you can be sure the oil industry lobbyists will descend there en masse, and that will rob you of your dividends if you invest on Kauai, because those no-goodniks will spread lots of propaganda and rile up otherwise well-intentioned citizens with scare tactics that make them resent sustainability.
  • Will the state set a goal for zero waste? If so, all the businesses that help the state reduce its waste, like an architectural salvage firm, become more profitable!

Who is GBO Hawaii for?

GBO Hawai’i is for players aged 13+. It’s particularly helpful for students in civics, political science, economics and social science. There are free lesson plans for teachers, too! More information at


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